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Purchased BELOW Asking Price

There’s hope for buyers! In a market where buyers are frustrated and continuously being outbid on properties, my clients just

6 Costly Mistakes to Avoid Before Selling

Considering Offers From Unqualified Buyers.   Make sure they are pre-approved. The Home Is Not Prepared Properly.  Stage, patch holes, fix

Haven’t Found the One? Don’t Settle!

Just Call Me The Match Maker The role of a Realtor is about really about playing cupid.  Matching buyers to

Status Certificates and Why Are They So Important?

Why Are Status Certificates Important? Status Certificates are reports prepared by the condominium corp. which offers a financial snap-shot of

The Minimalist – Interior Designing Like A Pro

Scandinavian Design Every wonder how to get that clean, de-cluttered and airy feeling in your home?  It’s a trend that